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Marble Surface

What our clients have to say...

"After several years of working with you, I really understand the importance of using your business-to-business telemarketing service. You are truly a mission-critical part of our sales and marketing efforts.

You have taken the time to really understand my business. You parlay that understanding into an ability to discuss my services with prospects darn near as well as I can."

- Jeff Newcorn, President

"At every turn of the project, Excel communicated quickly and effectively with professionalism and responsiveness. It was a pleasure doing business with Merle and Excel Incorporated. I look forward to our next project together."

- Linda Vadnais, President

"Within six months of contracting with Excel, Inc., we had to ask Excel to take a break; we were too busy to handle all of the appointments they had brought in. Since then, we've hired more staff and our business is off to a great start."

- Michael Weishaus, O.D.

"Excel is efficient, fast, helpful and professional. We count on them to take care of our telemarketing projects on time and on budget with great results."

- Robert Jordan, Interim CEO

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